A View from Texas

July 2, in a brief speech on current economic crisis, Obama’s said that it took years to ruin our economy and will, therefore, take time for his stimulus package to work. Those remarks demonstrate that Obama is not only a socialist who wants to spread the wealth around (Obama’s speach) but is also using phony arguments.

In the pursuit of his objectives, he denigrates the economic system that has defended the rest of the world, fed the rest of the world, and created a standard of living not known elsewhere? It is also surprising to see Europeans cheering the man who criticizes Reagan twice a day. Was it not Regan’s political economy that removed the Red Army from Europe and brought the Wall down? I think it is likely that by the election date in November 2010 American people will discover that Obama is a radical socialist and elect more republicans to US Congress. An example that should hurt Obama with the median voter is that he promised no tax increases for people with less than $250 thousand a year. However, his policy proposals mean additional taxes on energy, beer, wine, soda pop, and health benefits.

What can be done about saving American economy? Let me paraphrase three great Western leaders: The triumph of socialism depends on free men doing nothing (Edmund Burke); The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money (Margaret Thatcher); And if we do not fight socialism now, when? If not us, who? (Ronald Reagan).

 Autor: Svetozar Pejović